Sunday, June 3, 2012


I regularly play the hoop with my pals every weekend.

 After playing the ball with my friends on this Saturday, we were on our way back and stopped by a shoes shop
where a bunch of Nike was displayed. 
The scenery reminds me of what I always feel about sports brands.

Globally well known sports brands, such as Nike and Adidas, have huge influence on not only sports enthusiasts, but also those who are not. 
In Japan, if you go to Shibuya-Harajuku area that is known as a trendy fashion place, you can see many people who wear those two brands but not playing sports right away.
Those people enjoy the shoes and wears of the brands to enjoy their fashion.

This is a big difference between the world -wide brands and Japanese sports brands. You will have less opportunity to see those who put on ASICS and Mizuno as a fashion. 
Nike and Adidas are adept at engaging non-sports fan in their market. I see that what they have been doing is involving sports with people's lifestyle.

I think this strategy has high possibility to inspire more people in order to participate sports activity and
make sports naturally become a part of the life.

You may not be interested in basketball but might be enjoying some DJ plays at a street ball event and would buy Air Jordan to fullfil your fashion needs.

Sports are powerful and make our life better!

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